I was building websites for several years before Onkoi Studios came into existence, but the original idea was to make and market theatre props, originally called “Lightsaber Creations”. In the fall of 2006, I made my first theatre-type prop. It was a Star Wars lightsaber, and I was making it for a friend of mine.

I built myself a website, then got hosting and registered the URL “www.lightsabercreations.com”. Within a year I had over 50,000 hits, and hundreds of emails asking me if I could ship lightsabers to Europe, China, Africa, and Australia. Needless to say, I was somewhat overwhelmed by this, and then college came along, and my hobby fell by the wayside with only a half a dozen or so lightsabers actually sold.

Since then, I have focused on web development and programming. I am pursuing my Information Systems degree from Corban University and working part time for Salem Health. In my spare time, I practice parkour and maintain a Minecraft server.

~ Kevin Straw, Onkoi Studios